Admission Guidelines

Admissions Policy

 JIS welcomes learners who can benefit from and contribute to a high-quality elementary to secondary university preparatory curriculum.

Inclusion Policy

Students are eligible for admission if it is believed that JIS can meet their emotional, social, physical and academic needs. JIS can offer places at each grade level to a limited number of students who require support services. Areas of support include: speech and language services (elementary only), academic support, classroom guidance and individual counseling.

Admission is contingent upon a match between the student’s needs and the level of services available. For that reason, the admission of any student with identified needs (language or learning) is determined on a case-by-case basis using multiple sources of information, such as school records, evaluations, Individual Learning Plans and in some cases an interview.

Parents who have any reason to believe that the above policy would affect their child's eligibility for admission should arrange for a comprehensive physical, academic, and psychological evaluation prior to making an application.

Early Years: Developmental Readiness and Self-Care Policies

Early Years students must be fully toilet trained prior to admission. Early Years students will meet with an Admissions Representative for an initial assessment of developmentally appropriate milestones and will continue to be assessed throughout the school year.

Elementary Campus Placement

JIS reserves the right to make the final Elementary campus placement according to capacity.

Placement of students coming from a different Academic Calendar:

Southern Hemisphere students who finish a grade in their home country in December will usually augment their learning with an additional semester at that same grade level at JIS. A student is not immediately promoted to the next grade level as it would mean skipping a full semester of that year's work. The gains parents hope their children will make through immediate promotion can be negated by gaps in learning and/or social relationships. Exceptions to this policy are determined by an Admissions Committee review on the basis of school records, the applicant’s age and the results of a placement evaluation.

Grade placement for students coming from a school whose academic calendar is different from both the JIS and the Southern Hemisphere will be determined by the Admission Committee's after a comprehensive review of the application.

Placement by Age:

The Admissions Board and divisional leadership will determine final grade placement after a comprehensive review of an application.  Please download the JIS Grade Level Equivalents Table

In the Early Years, there are no exceptions to these age requirements.

From Grade 1 onward, a comprehensive review of the applicant's age and school history will inform grade placement decisions. T he Admissions Committee determines grade placement.

To be eligible for admission to High School , an applicant must be able to complete graduation requirements prior to turning 21 years of age