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Terms and Conditions

This form must be completed by the applicant’s parent or legal guardian. All document submissions must be in PDF format.

To be considered for admission, you must submit this application form and all application requirements. At the minimum these include:

    1. School records for the last 3 years (2018/19, 2017/18, 2016/17)
    2. A confidential reference from a current Math or English Teacher, Counselor or Principal
    3. Application fee
    4. Student and/or Parent Questionnaires
    5. For students who require learning support services: Copies of all reports/evaluations relating to the support need

All applicants must complete an evaluation process which may include an interview and admission tests. Submission of an application does not guarantee admission. The applicant’s eligibility for enrollment will be reviewed based on documentation submitted and evaluations completed.

IMPORTANT: The next page is to review and submit your application. You MUST CLICK "SUBMIT APPLICATION" on the bottom of the next page or your application will not be submitted.

I confirm that the information I provided in this application is accurate and complete. I understand that failure to fully disclose information may result in delayed/nullified admission for my child.

I give permission for Jakarta Intercultural School to receive and release information from or to any of my child’s past, current or future schools, educational institutions or consulting professionals either verbally or in writing.

I understand and accept that Jakarta Intercultural School is not obligated to share nor provide details nor results of admissions testing, evaluations or reviews.

I understand and accept that if my child were offered admission to Jakarta Intercultural Schoo, I must agree to all JIS Terms and Conditions of Enrollment as outlined in

(Amended October 2018)

Date: Jul 20, 2019