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+ Student Support

Submission of an application does not guarantee admission. All applicants must complete an evaluation process which may include admission tests and interviews.

This form must be completed by the applicant’s parent or legal guardian. All document submissions must be in PDF format.

To be considered for admission, you must submit this application form and all application requirements. At the minimum these include:

    1. School records for the last 3 years
    2. A confidential reference or references
    3. Application fee
    4. Student and/or Parent Questionnaires
    5. For students who require learning support services: Copies of all reports/evaluations relating to the support need

Incomplete or incorrectly formatted documentation will cause delays.
Failure to fully disclose information or falsification of documentation provided may result in denial of admission, withdrawal or enrollment or exclusion from enrollment, and/or possible notification to authorities.

Your full disclosure will not exclude your child from possible admission. It enables us to partner with you to design an optimal learning experience for your child. Information withheld at application may result in incorrect grade placement, academic struggles and ultimately withdrawal of enrollment.

Language Profile

Applicant’s Language Proficiencies

What language can the applicant speak most proficiently?

2nd most proficient spoken language

Third most proficient language (speaking)

English as an Additional Language

EAL is a program that helps non-native English speakers learn English

Past Countries of Residence

Please list all countries where your child has lived and for what amount of time? (Click the Add More button to list more than one country)

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Support Services

Please note that learning to speak English is NOT Speech and Language Therapy.

Physical or Occupational Therapy is a specialist support service for individuals who have or had difficulties in physical, motor or sensory skills